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" We are a quality center that focuses on advanced developmental teaching, memorable experiences, and instilling core values in every student." - Chantelle, Owner and Founder

Your Child and Mine Center strives to provide quality service to our students, caregivers, and team of educators. Through individualized care, we are able to create an atmosphere that promotes growth through hands on learning. 

Our team of educators are educated, professionally trained, and nurturing individuals. We work hard to pour into the lives of our students and their families through daily teaching. Students are encouraged to meet their daily goals through play and exploration. Each classroom is fully equipped with interactive tools and supplies needed to promote advancement. 

Our curriculum is age appropriate, and focuses on learning through problem solving, play, and reflecting on life experiences. As we embrace the montessori learning style, children are highly encouraged to embrace independence throughout the day! At YCAM, our students are well prepared journey through life with the skills needed to be great!


The Truth is in the Testimonials

Hover over the below columns to view our testimonials. Additional testimonials can be viewed on our google listing. 

Family Oriented 

I have three children that attend YCAM!!!!! Let’s just say I have experience has been amazing from day one of the tour until their start date. YCAM is very family oriented and welcoming even on my downs days I’m more then likely to get a warm welcome that goes along way when you had a long day. I could go on and on on how YCAM has not only changed my out look on day centers but you come get the experience for your self your more then welcome as I’m sure they will make you feel!!!!!! THANKS YCAM LOVE YOU GUYS

Amazing Program

Awesome day care center. Their school age program is awesome. Whenever I pick up my child she never wants to leave. They help with homework and do activities with the children before they go home. My child loves Ms.B, she always brings home baked treats that they made in class. I can’t wait until Summer Camp!!!

Beautiful Facility

Your Child and Mine is by far one of the best centers in Philadelphia. The facility is BEAUTIFUL and you can tell the teachers love what they do. It really is a diamond in the rough. I have not heard of a day care center that offers laundry services They wash my child’s sheets every week and return them on Monday. Thank you YCAM!!!

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